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On the rocky land of Herzegovina, we are cultivating and transforming Helichrysum - a plant in which we have recognized all the best that nature can offer! Our work is independent - from seed to essential oil which is our final product. The entire production process is based on organic cultivation which is why our oil is a 100% organic product.

In Helichrysum we have recognized the best that nature can offer.

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Cultivation of Helichrysum


We sell high quality seedlings of class A Helichrysum. All seedlings are classified and our customers receive an EcoMediteran certification!

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Distillation of Helichrysum


The distillation process we use is with water vapor. It is aligned with ecological standards and the type of plant we are distilling. Modern technology allows distillation to retain all the important values of the plant in essential oil with maximum quality.

Essential oil of Helichrysum


Helichrysum gives exceptionally beautiful, noble, and precious essential oils. It is a natural herbal product with the most powerful anti-hematopoietic effect that is used against hematoma, subcutaneous, subcutaneous, contusion, vascular inflammation, and performs regenerative and anti-inflammatory.

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